Terlingua Ranch Land : SOLD!


For sale: Terlingua Ranch Tract 4919-D, 5 acres, Sec 19 Blk 216 Surveyed September 2010.  1/2 mile west of American Legion post at Hwy 118.  911 address is 530 W. Legion Rd, Terlingua, TX  79852.  Accessible by any vehicle.  2013 Taxes $15.47, taxes are paid and up to date.  Asking $2500.

The property is approximately 57 miles south of Alpine, TX and 23 miles north of Study Butte & Terlingua, TX.

Contact Abby via email:  iseidh@yahoo.com.

Brewster County CAD - Click the Property Search link, Search Type: Account Number, Property ID 33365
Google Map
POATRI Tract Maps - Select Big Bend Valley (Blk 216), Sections 17,18,19,20

Tract 4919 was split into four 5 acre parcels, which has not been reflected on the tract maps yet. 4919-D is the easternmost parcel. It is fairly level land, with yuccas, several varieties of cactus, and 3 mesquite trees. There are survey markers at all 4 corners, with an additional marker halfway down each long side.

There is a Big Bend Telephone box directly across the road from the property, and DSL is available for internet. Power is along Hwy 118, but would be cost prohibitive to run to the property. Potable water can be purchased at the Ranch, and a couple places in Study Butte. Most people in the area use solar power and water catchment as alternatives.

Ranch fees are currently $165.64, per year, per owner, regardless of amount of land owned. Questions about the ranch or fees should be directed to the Terlingua Ranch office.

The driveway is very short, cleared just enough to park a vehicle and set up a small tent. There is a short pile of flat rocks to either side of it, near the road.

Here are some pictures taken on the property in September 2010:

Looking east at Nine Points Mesa
Nine Points Mesa near sunset

Looking west
Looking west at sunset

Looking south
Looking southeast from the driveway. Big Bend Telephone box  at right of photo.

SE corner survey marker.

NE corner survey marker.
Driveway, July 2011, looking north.