Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreaming of home

David over at the Terlingua or Bust blog reported that some road work was being done in our neighborhood, and kindly drove up my road to have a look and take some pictures. In this picture from last September, I'm walking toward my west property line. You can see James (the surveyor) set up in the road at the crest of the little rise between my place and the Legion.

Looking east near my west property line.

Edit: This is a new picture from David, showing what the road looks like now.

Way better! Of course, seeing this picture and the others he took has given me fresh motivation to get my butt out there again. I've been doing my best to NOT use my vacation time, saving it up so I can take at least 2 weeks next time, maybe 3. At this point, it's looking like November; I can take 2 weeks at Thanksgiving and only use 8 vacation days. If I recall, it's 25 hours of actual driving time from here to there, so figuring on 4-6 days being eaten up in travel time coming and going. And of course, I need to figure out what I'm going to build before I get there and bring it with me. I'm still leaning heavily toward a dome, but continue to look at other options.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

House progress

Thanks to some much appreciated help and motivation from a friend, the yard is cleaned up, the roof is cleaned off, a new screen door is installed, and the master bathroom make-over is nearing completion. I'll post before and after pics of the bathroom when it's done; all that's left to do now is cut and install quarter round around the baseboards, prime and paint the woodwork, caulk between tub and floor, change out the door hardware, and install a shower curtain and towel bars. The wallpaper was stripped, walls mudded and sanded, two coats of primer, caulked around the tub, two coats of paint, installed new light fixture, and changed out the light and fan switches. I had the plumber replace some defective toilet parts and change out the 20+ year old sink fixture.

Other than the house progress, I've been occupied with churning ideas around in my head spawned by a combination of watching Jeremiah on Netflix, reading the Unreliance blog, and reevaluating my concept of simple as it applies to living. What if you couldn't get gasoline or propane any more? What if your grocery store stopped getting food deliveries? And for people on the grid, what if your electricity was shut down for good? How would you get by without the conveniences we take for granted every day? Reading back over that, it sounds rather survivalist, and I guess it is. But I'm asking myself how I could work around those situations now, and eliminate the need to be concerned about them in the future. I don't have my answers yet.