Saturday, May 14, 2011

New desk, electronic decluttering

I decided to get that Manhattan desk from Target after all. It is the perfect size. The hutch doesn't cover the whole desktop, so I was able to leave enough space on the left for the Zotac ZBOX PC to sit. The DVD player and CR-48 netbook fit under the bottom shelf, and the drawers hold my supplies.

I was able to get the books and nightstand out of the room. The greyhound is happy to have more room in "his" corner to the left of the desk :) I may be able to construct a little shelf under the right side of the desk for the printer, but I rather like having it out of sight (and out of the dust) in the cabinet. It's wireless, so it doesn't matter where it is. And I don't print much.

I've also decluttered my electronic life with the addition of the ZBox PC. I've been using Google Chrome browser for a long time now, along with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Picasa for pictures. I'm making a concentrated effort now to store nothing on my computer. Chrome keeps my bookmarks and everything synchronized on all my computers. My documents and pictures are likewise accessible from anywhere.  My Blackberry keeps my Gmail contacts and calendar sync'ed, too. I got the ZBox 4Gb of RAM and a 60Gb solid state drive, which is more than enough for Windows 7. The ZBox only uses 20 Watts of power, and the only noise it makes is from the fan, which is fairly quiet.

My book collection is also electronic. I have quite a few ereader books, and have just started using Amazon's Kindle for PC and Blackberry. Both services store the books for you, and you can read them on any computer, where ever you are. Best of all, they don't take up any space in the physical world.

Monday, May 9, 2011

It ain't right

The furniture. It ain't right. Mostly my desk. Here's a fresh pic of my current desk situation:

I like having a keyboard tray and a couple of small drawers to put things like pens, scratch pads, screen wipes, etc. I like the monitors raised up so the center of the screen is at eye level, but not on top of books like they are now. I like ALL the cords hidden from my view. And I really really really like real wood. My other desk is just a bit too big, which is why I'm using this little table.

Been shopping for a new desk that's the right size, and has a little hutch for the monitors to sit on, a keyboard tray, and at least one drawer. All I can find in the right design is that heavy (and crappy) MDF stuff. Like this:
Target's description of this says the frame material is hardwood. I checked it out in the store. The legs are hardwood, but the top and drawer fronts are MDF, and the veneer isn't good. They didn't have the hutch in the store, but I'm betting it's mostly MDF, too. Otherwise, the dimensions are spot-on, it looks nice, the finish matches my other furniture close enough, and it would serve my needs nicely.

New additions to the room: the books the monitors are sitting on, which will go if I get that desk, or a similar one. Bandages and first aid stuff for the greyhound's latest boo-boo. The charging cable for the Blackberry. New quilt for the bed - ratty old blanket out.

One other note: I'd like to welcome my new readers to the blog. It's reassuring to know that other folks are also travelling the road to simplifying their lives and minimizing "stuff." It is a journey, not a destination, and it's kinda nice to have company on the way :)