Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zeer pot refrigeration

I stumbled over an interesting refrigeration method today that I'd heard of before, but didn't have a name for: Zeer pot refrigeration.

This is basically an evaporative cooler for food and drinks. Two unglazed clay pots, a layer of sand, some water - and a dry climate. Cover with a wet cloth, add more water to the sand every 12 hours, and your food stays cool. It helps to raise the pots on some sort of stand so air can get around the bottom of the outer pot.

I will definitely try this out, though I'm not going to expect much in Georgia with the higher humidity. This would be a nice little zero power cooler for eggs, cheese, butter, and veggies, and perhaps some processed meats like sausage that are preserved to death.

Update Aug 11, 2011: I just found this video that shows how to do this, and results.