Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lighting: check

I've been searching high and low for some decent solar powered LED lights for my future home. I finally found two that I like; the first is the Sunforce Solar Hanging Light with Remote Control, Model# 81091, which will go in the middle of the house for general lighting. It lit up my living room pretty well, so it should be great in a small living space. The other is a solar BBQ clip light with 10 LED's. The light is a little on the blue side, but I used it to read the directions, and it can be used to light the grill or any other work area. Since these both have their own panels and batteries, there will be no drain on the house batteries. I also have the Dietz lantern and LED flashlights, so my next trip out to my land will be well lit :)

In other news, I'm still in communications with a geodesic dome company and working out the logistics of that idea. The foster dog is back at the rescue until she's fostered or adopted elsewhere - she was snarling at Tara every time she saw her, so those two cannot be together again. No further progress has been made on the batteries. It's been god-awful cold here and I haven't wanted to spend time tinkering in the garage.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Solar Water Disinfection

Just ran across this info and had to share. Check out SODIS!

"The SODIS method is very easy to apply: A transparent PET bottle is cleaned with soap. Then, the bottle is filled with water and placed in full sunlight for at least 6 hours. The water has then been disinfected and can be drunk."