Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changed rooms

This evening, I moved my bedroom furniture into the 9x14 bedroom to see how that's gonna work out. I can see right now that all 3 dog beds do not have room on the floor. I put in 2, and will see how that goes tonight. This is the room that has the dog door in it. I'm using the smaller desk, which is really a sofa table. This room also has a vinyl floor instead of carpet, which will also be a good test on how well and how easily I can keep it clean.

I guess tomorrow will be spent cleaning out the junk closet and moving my clothes in there.


Anonymous said...

experiments ,cool!

Jim H. Moreno said...

So, how's it going so far?

tffnguy said...

Abby, unless you plan to have a vac the vinyl floor will be much easier to keep clean. With a human you can keep an old piece of rug outside to wipe your feet off before going in and it helps a bunch, but even with one dog a lot of dust gets tracked in. (Not to mention Mud)

Abby said...

At least the dust isn't orange there :) My back "yard" here in Georgia is all georgia red clay. Doggies bring it in on their feet and fur and distribute it all through the house. The carpets, upholstery, and bedding all have an orange tint/stain. If I dust this morning, there will be a good enough layer of orange dust on everything by tomorrow evening to write your name in it.

My place in the desert will not have any carpeting, but a few washable throw rugs.

Doggies are cool with the new room so far, except that nobody wants to sleep on the small dog bed.