Monday, September 20, 2010

Missing Terlingua

I'm missing Terlingua very badly. I've been spending more time outside on the patio since I got back, and gazing up at the little tiny patch of sky I can see through the trees with like ONE star showing. Meh. Sunrise here happens behind the neighbor's house and trees. I gaze longingly at the picture of Nine Points Mesa sunrise I have for my desktop background. There is no comparison.

The smaller room is working out so far, but I'm going to rearrange it due to a new idea for cabin design.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changed rooms

This evening, I moved my bedroom furniture into the 9x14 bedroom to see how that's gonna work out. I can see right now that all 3 dog beds do not have room on the floor. I put in 2, and will see how that goes tonight. This is the room that has the dog door in it. I'm using the smaller desk, which is really a sofa table. This room also has a vinyl floor instead of carpet, which will also be a good test on how well and how easily I can keep it clean.

I guess tomorrow will be spent cleaning out the junk closet and moving my clothes in there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too much thinking

Been trying to work out my solar & wind power system components and parts, thanks to much help from Nick. Also still pondering on the cabin plan ... I still haven't tried arranging all my stuff into a smaller space to see if it works for me and the dogs. Perhaps I'll tackle that this weekend so I can move forward. There are so many other things I need to do; I guess I should make a list and just start doing them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This land is my land

For my 46th birthday, I treated myself to a week off work to go check out my land and do some sightseeing and meet some neighbors. I left Athens at 9pm Friday night (Sept 3), drove to Alabama to pick up my friend Jim, and we got to Terlingua Ranch just before sunrise on Sunday morning, September 5. We stopped at Nick's container and unloaded a few things, then hit the showers at the Ranch Lodge. Then it was off to David's place for Sunday Brunch. We got there a bit late, but there was plenty of good chow and coffee, and a great group of people to enjoy it with. We had basically no sleep on the way down, so after that, we went to my land to poke around and set up camp. James, my neighbor and surveyor, stopped by in the afternoon and let us know he could come and get my corners marked Monday morning. We stayed up long enough to enjoy the night sky; you can see every star out there! Some time in the night, the dogs growled and had their hackles up at something outside. Jim shined a flashlight out around the tent, but didn't find any eyes, so what ever it was decided to take off. Slept like logs til dawn.
Camping on my land
James showed up with his survey equipment at 10am and explained the process, and showed Jim how to work the prism pole with level bubble. The two of them spent the next several hours getting my 4 corners marked, plus the halfway points on the long sides.
James setting up in the road, Jim at the marker
My southeast corner
After that, the rest of the week we did the touristy stuff; drove to Study Butte, Terlingua Ghost Town, and Lajitas, visited John Wells at The Field Lab, had lunch at the American Legion post just up the road, and visited with David one more time. I picked up some stakes at the hardware store and marked where I want my cabin to be.
12x20 cabin site staked out, clothesline showing sides

The picture above is looking west-northwest. Here's a 360 degree view of the site that I took standing inside the perimeter of the future cabin. It starts out looking south, then turns east, north, west, and back south.

I can't even describe how much I loved the area. The sights, the sounds, the smell... I really didn't want to leave. Five days were not nearly enough time down there, but we took off Friday morning, September 10 and headed for home. I'm planning to be back down there between Christmas and New Year's, if all goes well. In the meantime, I need to finalize my cabin plans and make some extra cash to pay for some fencing and get started on the cabin.