Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Survey(or) says!

Called James the surveyor this morning. I gave him the legal description and described where the property is; have no idea when he can do it, but my fingers are crossed that it will be soon. There are two other surveyors in the area that I can try, but I wanted to try James first since he was recommended. He also lives a mile from my property, so he's a neighbor. I can't get too serious about finding someone to put up fence until I have some survey stakes in the ground.


Nick Cooper said...

Glad you got the ball rolling. I wouldnt worry about finding someone to put up yer fence. I know a guy if you run outta luck.

Abby said...

If the survey isn't done by Labor Day weekend, I think a smaller fenced "yard" toward the middle of the property would do. Looking at 4 100' rolls of 5' high galvanized 2x4 mesh, $79/roll at Home Depot. I have no idea how many posts that would take, and haven't seen a 5' gate yet. I guess one could be built with wood and fencing. If the survey *is* done soon, I'd like the whole perimeter fenced, but set back from the front to allow room for my cabin. Like 4.5 acres of dog yard :)