Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am feeling very blessed today. Between Nick and John, I now have a contact down in Terlingua that can build my cabin and probably do the fencing for me, too. Then I was thinking how low I am on my e-cig supplies, and looky there, Vapor4Life 19% off sale code in my inbox. My foster greyhound, J, has used the dog door on his own twice now today, and is playing with my dogs and being part of the pack; a pleasant change from the previous foster. And I got in 20 minutes of sunshine at lunch without being bugged by bugs. Probably should have bought a lottery ticket :)


Jim H. Moreno said...

Oy! You forgot to add that you get to chat with me everyday! :P

Anonymous said...

thanks, but thats what neighbors do for each other. It was no big deal