Sunday, July 11, 2010


Got me a Stickam account today using my facebook account. Not real impressed with it, but it seems to do what it's designed to. I may run it tomorrow to see what the dogs are up to while I'm gone, since my wireless camera doesn't like my new router. Also added a few blog links on the sidebar.

Tracking says my new cooktop should get here tomorrow, and the sink should arrive Thursday.

Took readings off my Kill A Watt today and used this nifty watt hours to amp hours calculator to get how many amp hours a day my computer, 2nd monitor, router, modem, and lamp are using: 12. The lamp has a 25W CF bulb in it. I do turn the computer off at bedtime, and when I leave for work in the mornings, but the modem and router are on 24/7. I also have the netbook plugged into it to keep it charged. I forgot to plug in the wireless printer, so I'll reset the Kill A Watt when I do that and get a fresh reading. Still, 12 amp hours a day isn't bad at all.


I said...

I didnt know you could put a live came on the blog. Thats kinda cool!

Abby said...

The chat doesn't seem to work on the blog page. I'll play around with it some more, might change to something else.

Pam said...

Shaina and I watched it on Facebook for a few minutes last night, what a hoot! First there was one dog on your bed, then another got up there and we could see yet another on the floor. Then we could hear you talking, saw you reach over to pet yet another dog! Shaina commented, geez how many dogs does she have anyway!!!!

I said...

Took some more pics before I left of the north side of the road. Should be where your property really is. I'll send them tonight.