Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Refrigerator & Generator

I like this refrigerator: the Sundanzer DCRF134.  This will fit under the countertop and is just the right size for me, though I would prefer a much larger freezer, I suppose I could get a little chest freezer if I really needed one down the road. I did check out some propane fridges, but then I remembered how much gas they use from my RV days. The chest fridges and freezers made by Sundanzer are probably more efficient, but not really suited to little tiny homes with limited floor space.

Also looked into generators today. I would like a Honda eu2000i, but this Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant) looks to be functionally very similar, and at a better price. It's on my wish list. I'll only need a genny to power the AC and for backup to the solar power. There's supposed to be a DC powered air conditioner out this fall that will bear watching. I think their first release unit is BTU overkill for my little cabin, so I hope they put out a smaller unit that uses even less power.


Just Me said...

I wish I could remember where I saw it, but one of the tiny-house blogs I looked at someone had built-out their refrigerator so that the door was just about flush with the inside of the tiny kitchen space and the main refrigerator was outside the house. They had a removable surround that was extremely well insulated for summer and removed it for natural cooling in winter. Come to think about it, I believe it was an ice box rather than a powered fridge.

Just more food for thought.

Anonymous said...

check that out. And by the way . yamaha is great. but not as good as honda I know someone who had one and as long as you service them often they will perfom about the same but with more servicing

Abby said...

JustMe, I think I saw something like that on a YouTube video - I think it was a little cob house where they installed the propane fridge so the back and sides were outside the house, in their utility area. I've also seen where people have sunk a cooler into the ground for extra cold storage.

Nick, that's the page I linked to, but my link colors were very close to the text color (hard to see), so I have now changed them to green. I do hope they make a smaller model of that AC! Good to know about the Yamaha. The reviews I've seen on it have been pretty positive, but the Honda does seem to be the holy grail of gennies :)

Anonymous said...

says its 5000 to 15000 btu using a permanent magnet motor, which means you can put it on low setting for electricity savings... I bet the small 2000 watt generator would run it quite easily its also a heater by the way and a heat pump is one of the best economic ways to heat. Im really gonna look into this

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, was thinking.. and have you thought of a chest freezer converted into a fridge ( via thermostat) and set right next to your counter with counter top glued on top of the fridge door so it also serves as a counter top and fridge?

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