Sunday, July 18, 2010

More tinkering

I may continue to use the Stickam, but I managed to get my wireless webcam working again last night. I discovered I can embed the stream on my blog here, so it's currently playing at the top of the page. My netbook was overheating being on all day with the Stickam running. The wireless cam doesn't use a computer, so I'll keep it on to watch Quinn while I'm at work. If you're interested, this is my camera, a Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11. It's a lot more complicated to set up and run than it needs to be, but once it's set up, it does the job. I've had it since October of '07 and it's been a great dog monitor.

I briefly considered using my asian style cabinet as a kitchen cabinet, but decided I really need to stick with conventional cabinetry. Right now, it's a stand for my LCD TV and houses my DVD player and DVD collection. None of that will come with me to the desert, so I'll just hope I can find a good home for that cabinet. It's my favorite piece of furniture and I'll miss it, but it has no purpose now.

I still haven't made a decision on a house. As picky as I am, I think I need to have what ever it is built here and shipped out there, ready to live in. Or mostly ready...

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