Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Refrigerator & Generator

I like this refrigerator: the Sundanzer DCRF134.  This will fit under the countertop and is just the right size for me, though I would prefer a much larger freezer, I suppose I could get a little chest freezer if I really needed one down the road. I did check out some propane fridges, but then I remembered how much gas they use from my RV days. The chest fridges and freezers made by Sundanzer are probably more efficient, but not really suited to little tiny homes with limited floor space.

Also looked into generators today. I would like a Honda eu2000i, but this Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant) looks to be functionally very similar, and at a better price. It's on my wish list. I'll only need a genny to power the AC and for backup to the solar power. There's supposed to be a DC powered air conditioner out this fall that will bear watching. I think their first release unit is BTU overkill for my little cabin, so I hope they put out a smaller unit that uses even less power.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More tinkering

I may continue to use the Stickam, but I managed to get my wireless webcam working again last night. I discovered I can embed the stream on my blog here, so it's currently playing at the top of the page. My netbook was overheating being on all day with the Stickam running. The wireless cam doesn't use a computer, so I'll keep it on to watch Quinn while I'm at work. If you're interested, this is my camera, a Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11. It's a lot more complicated to set up and run than it needs to be, but once it's set up, it does the job. I've had it since October of '07 and it's been a great dog monitor.

I briefly considered using my asian style cabinet as a kitchen cabinet, but decided I really need to stick with conventional cabinetry. Right now, it's a stand for my LCD TV and houses my DVD player and DVD collection. None of that will come with me to the desert, so I'll just hope I can find a good home for that cabinet. It's my favorite piece of furniture and I'll miss it, but it has no purpose now.

I still haven't made a decision on a house. As picky as I am, I think I need to have what ever it is built here and shipped out there, ready to live in. Or mostly ready...

Friday, July 16, 2010

View to the south

My future neighbor, David, was kind enough to snap a few more pics of my land today and the views from it. Here's the view to the south, taken from the road. Is this just freakin' awesome or what?
The phone box is right there across the road, too, so it shouldn't take too long to get a landline and/or DSL installed.

The new sink arrived yesterday; I just now opened up the box and checked it out. Looks great, and the finish is a good match for the cooktop. So, sink, cooktop, and faucet are now stored in my pantry ready to go. I still have to figure out what kind of house they're going in. Nothing I've looked at thus far has seemed "just right," but maybe I'll find something this weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lovely Land

Thanks to Nick, here is a picture of my land, I believe looking to the north-northeast. I think that's Nine Point Mesa on the right side of the pic, and you can just see a red roof near the middle that you can also see on the satellite maps of the area. It looks like there might be another hill or peak on the horizon just left of center.

He took this after there had been a lot of rain in the area, so I don't expect it's always this green, but... Wow! Pretty :) Nine Point Mesa is east of the property, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the sun rise over it. Nick, this is now my desktop background. I've had a splitting whopper of a headache all day and this is really helping me find serenity, just looking at this and imagining myself standing there feeling the warm breeze...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Got me a Stickam account today using my facebook account. Not real impressed with it, but it seems to do what it's designed to. I may run it tomorrow to see what the dogs are up to while I'm gone, since my wireless camera doesn't like my new router. Also added a few blog links on the sidebar.

Tracking says my new cooktop should get here tomorrow, and the sink should arrive Thursday.

Took readings off my Kill A Watt today and used this nifty watt hours to amp hours calculator to get how many amp hours a day my computer, 2nd monitor, router, modem, and lamp are using: 12. The lamp has a 25W CF bulb in it. I do turn the computer off at bedtime, and when I leave for work in the mornings, but the modem and router are on 24/7. I also have the netbook plugged into it to keep it charged. I forgot to plug in the wireless printer, so I'll reset the Kill A Watt when I do that and get a fresh reading. Still, 12 amp hours a day isn't bad at all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And the kitchen sink, too

Yep, just ordered the kitchen sink. A good sized 7" deep bar sink, equal in size to half of your typical double bowl kitchen sink, so the dish drainer will fit nicely inside it. $56 shipped on Ebay.
It's an under-mount, and I'm strongly considering a wood counter-top from Ikea.  If you're wondering why the small cooktop and sink, it's because my future kitchen will be approximately 6' long, in a cabin of 240 sq ft or less.

I'm still hoping to find a good deal on some used kitchen cabinets on craigslist, or perhaps a cool piece of furniture that could be converted to house the sink and cooktop. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I just won an Ebay auction for a Suburban stainless 2 burner cooktop for my eventual cabin, for about half the cost of buying one retail. One less thing on my "to buy" list.

My foster dogs are both coming along nicely. The girl goes back to the rescue tomorrow night in advance of her vet visit Thursday morning, and will stay there to recover. She's been a handful (like having an ADHD toddler in the house) and I need to spend some quality time with the boy to get him out of his shell and encourage him to let his personality out.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 complications

And adorable complications at that! I'm fostering two greyhounds for the weekend, a boy and a girl, about 2 years old each (which means they failed as racers), and this is their first time in a house. They're both unsettled and unsure right now. Hope I can give them a good start on becoming good pets for someone eventually :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Next steps

Yesterday, I shot off an email to request the 911 address for the property. I understand I'll need that before I can get other things done. This morning, I downloaded a copy of the county's homestead exemption application. This can't be filed until after January 1, but I made a note on my calendar to remind myself to do it. The phone company lady still hasn't responded about DSL availability. Guess I need to call.

I've been racking my brains trying to figure out when I can get down there to see the place, get some pics and video, and meet the neighbors. Maybe Labor Day weekend? I would love to bring the dogs with me, too, but it's 24 hours of drive-time to get there, and for the time constraint, I think I'd be better off flying. We'll see what happens, and if a good airfare comes up, between now and then.

Update: Holy cow, Aaron just called me back already. My 911 address for the property is 530 W. Legion Rd, Terlingua, TX 79852. Note: This will not be my mailing address!