Thursday, June 24, 2010


That was the sound of my money vanishing. Spent a good chunk getting the van roadworthy, and yesterday Tara cut her foot somehow: over $300 to the vet for surgery/stitches. Ouchy. Also used up some vacation time so I could stay home and keep an eye on her. She's supposed to "rest" for 10 days.
Stitches on Tara's right hind foot
Just now got an email from the gentleman I was looking to buy land from; he got a substantially better cash offer but was willing to honor the contract he sent me, even though neither of us had signed it yet. What a nice fellow! With the whooosh of my cash being half gone, I told him he'd be nuts not to take it :)  So... back to land shopping and hopefully motivating myself to get back to working side jobs to make up that money.

I must also note here that my organizational state is a shambles. I've spent so much time on the computer lately that my papers are not filed and things are not put away as they should be. I will try to remedy that this weekend. I hate living in chaos.


lou said...

Abby, That $300 was well spent. Your dog will repay you 100 times over with love and faithfullness, and ask for only love in return.

Abby said...

Absolutely, Lou! She is the light of my life :)