Saturday, June 5, 2010

Water bill up

Drat. The water bill was WAY up from last month.  The electric was way down, though. I need to come up with a new water conserving method of dish washing I guess. It was so much easier when I lived in the Casita and I knew I only had 16 gallons in the fresh water tank and how long it had to last me.

Spent a good bit of time today trying to find pictures of existing shipping container homes, real ones, not computer models. There's not much out there. I did find a place near Atlanta that sells the containers and does mods, so I might call them and get a quote once I figure out what I'd want. I've seen a couple that have an oversized large canopy roof that would be perfect for both shade and water catchment. Those containers are really narrow, though. The greyhound needs a lot of room to turn around.

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