Monday, June 28, 2010

Texas Landowner

I bought 5 acres of prime desert land in the Terlingua Ranch this morning, which is near Big Bend State Park in the great state of Texas. It was cheap enough that I could just buy it outright; no payments! All mine!

Location of my 5 acres

So with that accomplished, as time and finances permit, I will get on with the process of making it a home. I'll need a survey so I can get some fence up for the dogs. I'm sure the girls would stay pretty close in shouting distance, but PD (my greyhound boy) could be playing in the middle of the highway in a matter of seconds if he was let loose. Or in the next county if something ran and he was inclined to chase it.

Tara's foot is healing very nicely. Her stitches come out this coming Saturday, and after that I'll allow her to have fun again. Though I think she kind of likes not having to play with her sister 24/7...

Didn't get much organizing done this weekend, just some of the paper pile on my desk, and found a few things I've had stored for 6 months and have not used; those got tossed.


Here's a screenshot of the POATRI map. My 5 acres are the easternmost 1/4 of 4919 (henceforth known as 4919-D). The Legion is right there at the 118 graphic underneath the crisscrossing red lines. 
Here's a black and white version, with a green rectangle where my property is:
The GPS coordinates listed with the property are in another section entirely, so I choose to believe the tract maps are correct :)


I said...

congratulations!!! I know how it feels.. I think land ownership, especially when you have it paid for is important in your planning.

where is it?

Abby said...

Thanks! It's half a mile west of the Legion, if the POATRI tract map is correct.

lou said...

Congratulations, It's time for a glass of wine, some great cheese and a few minutes to reflect on this great occation. By the way I'm very jealous.

I said...

If that is where it is then its a nice green valley. green in comparison... you can see it from Tffnguys place. looks fairly flat too.

good location!

Abby said...

Just added pics to give you a better idea of the location. I'm thinking that straight diagonal line running through 4919 in the sat photo is probably buried phone line. The long green curve is maybe a stream when it rains? The topo map I played with last night has the front elevation at 3386' and the back elevation at 3396', so yeah, pretty level.