Thursday, June 10, 2010

Safety first

Got the van looked over today, and glad I did. I already knew it needed new front tires, and boy did it ever! Both of them were down to the mesh in places. Also needed new brakes and a wheel bearing. Got about half of that done today, and will drop it off in the morning to get the rest done. So that will set me back a bit, but I get the reward of knowing I'm driving as safely as I can.

Still looking at cabin options, and I can't tell you how many bad designs I saw tonight. The people that design these things have obviously never tried living in one. Kitchens with no drawers, or any other storage to speak of. Folks, if the place is under 200 sq ft, I'm not going to be entertaining, so don't try to squeeze a full sized kitchen into your design. Give me as much counter space as possible, and lots of storage. I don't need a double sink, a range, or a full sized fridge. Do try to get a small washer/dryer combo unit in there, I'd love that!

Speaking of washers... check out the Electrolux Shine. It's a concept that comes in either a wall mount unit or under bathroom cabinet unit. Spiffy! I wonder how much power they'll use? I think I read the wall unit uses only a gallon of water per wash, but I bet it only holds as much as the Wonder Wash.

I also like the Smev single burner cooktop sold by Aery on ebay. Their sinks are cool, too.


I said...

I like the washer idea, but I think one of those non electric Wonder Wash is the way Im gonna go. Thanks for the links.

Obtw what state are you planning on simplifying in? ( building your cabin? )

Abby said...

I'm still considering a Wonder Wash myself - or the bucket and plunger thing. But I would prefer something with a spin cycle; hand wringing clothes sucks. Wondering if a mop wringer would do the trick.

What state? None other than the great state of Texas :) There's no place like home.