Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plugging away at the "stuff"

Last month, I treated myself to new kitchen things that match and that I like, and got rid of almost all of the old stuff. I missed some glasses, and decided I don't really need the egg cooker, much as I like it, so those are set aside to go to charity. I decided to only have 4 of everything - flatware, dishes, bowls, mugs, etc. I also tried handwashing the dishes all last month. I should know in a few days what effect that had on the water bill. Also turned the AC up a bit higher and the weather was fairly cool, so maybe the electric won't be that bad this month.

I need to figure out how to do roasts in the dutch oven that came with my new cookware set, then I can bear to part with the crock pot. Is it possible to do a roast on a gas cooktop in a dutch oven? I've really been enjoying the little Coleman camp stove/grill I got. It has one burner, and the other 2/3 of the surface is a non-stick grill. This has really helped me get back on my Neanderthin diet! Grilled meat is the best!

Found a few acres out in Middle of Nowhere, TX that I'm probably going to buy. I should get the sales agreement next week in the mail. The owner is very kindly willing to finance it for 2 years at 0% interest. Can't beat that with a stick. I'm sure I'll pay it off early, but the payments are more than affordable. Power and water are not available on the property, but DSL is - how awesome is that? Broadband in the boonies FTW! I've been finding and reading blogs written by folks that live out there;  I'm learning a lot.

Time to get serious about my downsizing and simplifying. I still have stuff all over the house and I need to put everything in my bedroom, and I do mean everything! I'm planning on having a cabin not much bigger than this 12x12 bedroom, and everything needs to fit in that cabin and look good while doing so. I do not want "stuff" stacked in corners. I want everything to have a place to be put away out of sight. Having everything I own in this room will really help me to make some decisions about what to get rid of, and then do so! What's left will tell me where I'm lacking on storage solutions.


James Vroman said...

what are you finding is the hardest part of down sizing. I am starting on that path and hope to be in a 8'x18' tiny house on wheels by next summer. I am cheating in that I am storing my things in a 40' container at my mothers farm.
I hope to be moved back to the farm in the tiny house so I can work on building my mother a new house. I will have water but I am going to a 100 gallon onboard storage and limiting my power to one 20amp 110v outlet. I also want to have about 200 watts of solar and on board battery storage.

Abby said...

The hardest part is letting go of that stuff you *think* you might need some day, or that you only use once a month or less. I keep finding more and more stuff, like clothes and shoes I seldom wear, things in the kitchen that never leave the drawer, etc. When in doubt, throw it in your storage. If you haven't needed it for 6 months after that, toss it or sell it.

Are you building your tiny house yourself? I love them, but me and the 4 dogs would not fit well :)

James Vroman said...

I am building it myself. I bought a heavy duty flatbed trailer that needed some axle work. It is 6'8"x18' - a little narrow but it will work.
I will build the walls up to a 6'6" level then go out to the full 8; width for the loft. I like how Elizabeth Turnbull built hers with a single slope roof. I decided my one luxury will be a full bath with a full size tub/shower. The shower will be heated with a small propane camp shower heater but for the tub I will have a "barrel in the box" solar water heater. So if I want to soak in the tub I have to remember to fill the barrel and open the insulated lid. I will capture the water from the tub and shower and recycle it into the toilet (hand pump from a sump) It should be an interesting experiment.