Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have a van!

Did the vehicle exchange tonight! The van is a really tight fit coming into the garage, I mean like 2 inches to spare on either side. I wrestled out the middle seat and turned the floor mat so it covers the holes where the seat was and all 4 dogs piled in. They loved it! I'll try to take them for a ride tomorrow.
PD between the front seats. I expect he'll probably ride here regularly.

PD, Tara, and Devi happy with the new ride! Natoli was unavailable for comment.
Roomy! The back seats are pushed all the way back.

The sales agreement for the land is now in the hands of a local real estate attorney for review. He said he'll get to it and let me know how it looks by Thursday.

I spent some time this morning looking at solar power panels and components. I still have no idea how much power I'll need, but there are some good deals out there. One of my LCD monitors says 1.5A. Can that be right? Just seems kinda low. The Dell all in one computer is 130W. I wish everyone would either print amps or watts, one or the other. I keep forgetting the math to convert it all. The netbook, cable modem, and wireless router all say 1A. And there is a DC adapter for the netbook, pretty reasonable, so I might get that.

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James Vroman said...

It is easy Voltage x Current (amps) = watts
so watts/voltage=current and watts/current=voltage