Monday, October 19, 2009


It was 34 degrees outside when I woke up this morning, and my furnace (heat pump, not designed to handle cold weather as I know it) ran for about 4 hours non-stop. I've been running a little space heater in my bedroom to keep me at 75, and leaving the rest of the house a bit cooler. Last winter, my electric bills ran over $200/month. I'd rather not see that again this year, so I went out after lunch today and bought two oil filled electric radiant heaters.

I'd been considering a couple of the radiant electric heat panels that mount on the wall, but they're pretty expensive. The oil filled heaters seem to be the most cost effective of my other options, and with a $10 coupon, I got both of them for only $75. I put one in the bedroom, one in the dining room (for the cat's benefit), and put the other two "regular" space heaters in other rooms, where they can be run as needed. I'm really enjoying the quiet heat so far. I'm a huge fan of total silence.

I cleared out a few more things this weekend. I've gotten rid of so much stuff, and still have too much, mostly things I need to try to sell. Perhaps I can get to that this weekend. Perhaps.

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lou said...

Abby, Electric heat is 100% effecient. Nothing is lost. It has no by-products to worry about except fire. That is why oil filled units are, in my openion, the safest way to go. They usually don't get hot enough to start fires. Just remember not to put essential oils or other products that could heat to their flash point and cause a problem too close to the unit. The cost of electric heat is usually a little more than gas or other options, but you can heat small areas and enjoy the savings over heating a whole house.