Monday, October 19, 2009


It was 34 degrees outside when I woke up this morning, and my furnace (heat pump, not designed to handle cold weather as I know it) ran for about 4 hours non-stop. I've been running a little space heater in my bedroom to keep me at 75, and leaving the rest of the house a bit cooler. Last winter, my electric bills ran over $200/month. I'd rather not see that again this year, so I went out after lunch today and bought two oil filled electric radiant heaters.

I'd been considering a couple of the radiant electric heat panels that mount on the wall, but they're pretty expensive. The oil filled heaters seem to be the most cost effective of my other options, and with a $10 coupon, I got both of them for only $75. I put one in the bedroom, one in the dining room (for the cat's benefit), and put the other two "regular" space heaters in other rooms, where they can be run as needed. I'm really enjoying the quiet heat so far. I'm a huge fan of total silence.

I cleared out a few more things this weekend. I've gotten rid of so much stuff, and still have too much, mostly things I need to try to sell. Perhaps I can get to that this weekend. Perhaps.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Empty Basket

I got everything that I think I want to keep out of the office closet, went through my sewing and crafting stuff, threw out a bunch more stuff I don't need, and I still have one large basket completely empty. The other large and the medium both have a little room left. And I think I may not need some of the stuff in them, either, but I'll let it simmer a bit and revisit them at a later date.

Files are not a good fit in that large basket, so they're going to keep living in the wire mesh file boxes they've been in for years. For now, anyway. I hope to find an attractive natural fiber container for them some day.

The empty basket is bugging me. I suppose it will get filled eventually, but my mind keeps picturing things I could put in it. However,having "extra" space does mean I've done a good job of reducing "stuff," so I'll call it a job well done for now.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Further organization

The table is working out well as a desk. I do miss the handy drawers, but I'm getting by so far without. The table is 14x39, as opposed to the desk at 24x44. The table is a perfect depth for the netbook, and still wide enough to hold my purse, cell phone, and coffee without being crowded. In my last post, I also mentioned rearranging the furniture, which I did, and I got the cabinet and a couple of pictures hung, and brought in one of my fake plants.

My new external DVD ROM drive came yesterday, and definitely passes muster for watching movies on the netbook. I'll give that some more time before I sell off the TV in the living room. I do like watching movies on a big screen, but I've gotten rather accustomed to kicking back in bed with the netbook on my lap to watch stuff. I also have one of those little folding TV tables that I use sometimes, too. I store it behind the bedroom door when not in use. The DVD ROM also fits nicely in (or on top of) the cabinet when not in use.

Today, the first of my underbed baskets arrived. I ordered one medium and two large. The two large ones should get here tomorrow. I'll try my files in one of the large ones. I'm not quite sure what's going in the medium and the other large, but I do have quite a bit of stuff still in my office closet that needs a home. I'm hoping that will be it for my storage needs.

I'm still looking for something to use as an attractive laundry hamper. I've been eying storage ottomans, since that would serve as a seat, too. Or a footrest. I also have my eye on a reclining desk chair for more comfortable movie viewing or chat sessions with the netbook.

So... things continue to shape up in my simplification plan. Storage, multi-purpose items, and less stuff!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Less Stuff

The cabinet came today. It's currently sitting on top of my desk. I just put all the useful stuff from my desk drawers into the cabinet, and it's a pretty good fit. So the few things left in my desk drawers are things I don't really need. I haven't used any of it since it went in the drawers, thus, I do not need it.

I have a nice wood sofa table that matches my other bedroom furniture fairly well that I'm thinking of turning into a desk. It's a bit smaller than this nice new desk I have, but this is a work in progress, and things will change as I fine tune the simplifying. I'll try out the table for a while and see how it goes.

I also haven't decorated my room yet, so I may swipe some things from the living room and give the bedroom some "finishing" touches, and perhaps rearrange the furniture and get this cabinet hung.