Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still searching, good neighbors

I've had a flu since last Friday. Have spent the days since then alternating between sleeping and web surfing, scoping out MLS listings and craigslist for land and cabins. Being sick also reminded me why I do not want to live out in the middle of nowhere; if I can't get toilet paper and over the counter drugs for a cold/flu within 15 minutes, it's too far out for me to be living by myself.

Today I found a possible lot and a possible cabin. This cabin is 12x16. I emailed the seller for more pictures and information. I also emailed the listing agent of the lot, though I am not very hopeful for a reply. Realtors, for the most part, suck at answering email. My agent back in Texas got my business because she was the only one that answered email, and kept my business because she's fabulous. If you need a realtor in Rockport, TX, call Pat Redmond.

I also wanted to touch on the topic of neighbors today. I know none of my neighbors here, except on a waved greeting basis. In the RV park I lived in, I knew quite a few of the neighbors by name and by sight, attended a pot luck or two, and was checked up on by them when they felt I had not come out of my rig for too long. The lady that was the assistant park manager at the time brought me an Easter basket. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Best neighbors before that were back in Michigan out in the boonies. Farm country. You depended on your neighbors and they on you. You help them put up hay, they help you put up hay. Those with snowmobiles got supplies for those without when everyone got snowed in. You watched the neighbors kids and fed their critters if there was a need to. Everyone knew all the kids, so the kids didn't get away with much.

I hope where ever I end up, that I will know my neighbors and have that sense of community with the folks around me again.

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