Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More decluttering

I wish I could remember the web site I read it on, but I can't. The gist of it was: get rid of the paper, pens, and other junk on the desk. I'm in the habit of scribbling notes on paper, and they stack over time into a big mess. It's a very hard habit to break, but I'm going to try. On that note, without paper, do I really need a stapler, paper clips, and rubber bands? Probably not. I'm not ready to tackle the desk drawers just yet. Another day.

I also tossed another heap of stuff that I'd set aside in the garage for a month or two, just to be sure I was never going to miss the stuff. I don't even notice it's gone now.

I am making a new addition to my stuff, though; I finally ordered a wall cabinet that matches my other bedroom furniture. It has a couple of little drawers in it. I'll figure out what's going in it once it's assembled and on the wall. I have several choices of things that can go in it; maybe my letter holder, where I organize my bills... it could hold a small TV... my netbook might fit in there... I'll see when it gets here.

On that note, I will try soon to get some pics or a video of my bedroom so you can see where I'm at with all this minimizing and organization.

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