Thursday, August 27, 2009

How much space do I need?

Some of my readers may be familiar with the story of Thoreau's cabin on Walden Pond. It was 10'x15' and contained a bed, desk, table, 3 chairs, and a lamp. In my case, noting where I spend my time during the day, I require a bed, desk, chair, and a dresser and nightstand. A small closet will do, and a small rv or boat style kitchen and bath. Toward this end, I've moved into the smallest bedroom in my home, about 10'x10', to experiment and get a feel for the space. After more than two weeks, I'm finding the space sufficient for me and the dogs. Of course, there is no kitchen or bath in the room, but I have determined that this space is adequate for living area.

I do not entertain. I rarely have guests. My home is my sanctuary.  I like it uncluttered and clean. The clean part is difficult with the dogs... I think I could live well and cheaply in a 10'x18' or so cabin.

Today I found a steal of a deal on a 12'x30' cabin. Unfortunately, it has to be moved and I have no land on which to put it. It is much larger than I want or require, but the price can't be beat! I'll keep looking for land to buy, lease, or borrow and try to figure out something for funding. I'm not ready to sell my house yet, and that is where all my money is at the moment.

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