Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog, and thanks for stopping by! I suppose I should give you a little background to explain why this blog is here...

See, I used to live a pretty simple life. For nearly two years, I lived in a 17' Casita travel trailer. It was quite an adjustment for me to scale down my belongings from a good sized one bedroom apartment and to figure out just what I truly needed to keep. Clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, computer, important files and papers, bedding. Within six months of moving into that tiny space, I discovered that a lot of the stuff I brought with me had not been seen or used; out it went. The Casita was my little nest, shared with my cat. Most of the time, it was parked in an RV park, but I also took it with me to Michigan and to the Texas Gulf Coast to visit family. My electric bill in the RV park averaged about $20 per month. I went through about 4 gallons of propane per month for cooking and hot water. I saved enough money to pay off the Casita within a year.

Then I blew my blissful simple life by "moving up" to a park model RV, then a condo. I accumulated more "stuff." I had more and bigger bills. And now, finally, here I am in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house with a mortgage and big utility bills wishing I had never left the Casita!

In the meantime, I also adopted four rescue dogs; not all at once! As much as I long for the Casita again, there is no way the dogs and the cat would all fit in one.  So now I'm trying to figure out just how small a space we can all live comfortably in. I'll get started on that in my next installment.

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Paully said...

Oh boy, do I relate to this, Abby! I long for a simpler life and feel providence has directed me to your blog. I can hardly wait to read them all. Thanks for the inspiration!